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After working with clients that have type 2 diabetes for over 25 years, I have discovered that conventional treatments rarely work by themselves without addressing the root cause.  Quite often what people are given simply mask the symptoms and don’t get to the underlying root cause that brings you to be in the position you find yourself in today.  After being on the same treatment for a while you eventually need more and more of the same thing to keep your blood sugar levels “under control”.

So, you’re stuck with lethargy, being overweight, mood swings, little and/or poor quality sleep, suffering from cravings and being unable to move freely.  Rachel can’t control her cravings.  Jane can’t lose weight.  Melissa never feels full and eats and eats.  Susan has broken and/or unrefreshing sleep.  Bob can’t move anymore without every muscle and joint aching.  Eventually your life starts to suffer, and you are unable to do the things that you really enjoy.  You miss having a life full of energy and vitality.  You are simply a spectator of your own life and are watching it pass you by.

That’s why I developed ‘The Move Well to Halt Diabetes Protocol’.  After years of seeing clients not getting results, and doing hours upon hours of research, I put all the things I learned together in a 12-week life-changing protocol that gets to the root cause – insulin resistance.

We all know that eating a better diet and engaging in regular exercise works.  But how many of us actually do it?    And over the years I’ve found that it’s way more complicated than just diet and exercise – our bodies are in toxic overload and a chronic state of inflammation.  That’s what my protocol is about.  You don’t have to do this alone because you are supported the whole way.  The 12-week protocol has heaps of support and accountability (we all need a prod when we get off track right?), but also sets things out in nice easy, achievable steps.  The protocol gives you the tools to make changes without the overwhelm.

What is the cost of doing nothing?  How much money will you spend on medical bills or ancillary health?  What is the opportunity cost of missing out on doing the fun, energetic things with your grandchildren?  What effect is your mood swings and cranky episodes having on your relationships with the people who are near and dear?

The ‘Move Well to Halt Diabetes Protocol’ reverses insulin resistance without the overwhelm of you having to make the necessary changes by yourself.  The protocol has a focus on regulating blood sugar levels, moving your body in simple yet effective ways, and reducing the toxic overload that results in optimal functioning of certain hormones in your body to allow the feedback system to work properly – achieving stable blood glucose, higher energy levels, and ultimately optimal health.  

If you are wanting a simple Quickstart guide on how to control your insulin and blood sugar levels – and see what I’m about – click here to download this FREE guide. 

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