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Margaret Diefenbach

Hi, my name is Margaret Diefenbach, and I am founder of Move to Wellness and the Move Well Live Well Protocol. My passion is to help people move, nourish and live well!! I’m in the business of helping you to transform your health and your home.


I’m real. I’ve had my own struggles with health. How embarrassing! A qualified, experienced Exercise Physiologist that was struggling!!! But that’s life. It happens. It’s real. I’m human. But I dug deep and made some changes. I researched. I asked questions of myself. I asked for help from others. With the help of Clinical Pilates, I started to move again - bit by bit. I looked at how much processed foods that had crept into my diet, and how different foods were impacting my body. It was like toxic overload. I became more aware of how my body reacted to the foods and products I was consuming and using.


I used my qualifications and 25+ years’ experience in the exercise science field to gradually change my activity levels again, to move more everyday in more meaningful ways.  I got rid of the ALL-OR-NONE principle.  I was kinder to myself.  I forgave myself.  I made small steps, one at a time, one day at a time.


The home environment started to change. I threw out harsh cleaners that were full of nasty chemicals (hormone disruptors) and replaced them with plant-based products from Young Living. Effective, safe, toxic free products for the home as well as changing personal care products. I make a lot of my own DIY products (foaming hand soap, face serum, make-up remover, facial scrub, muscle rubs, soft scrub cleaners, dishwasher tablets, bench & shower cleaner, deodorant, perfume etc etc) myself that saves money and gives me piece of mind that I know exactly what goes into them.  I can help you with a lot of hacks that make the natural, plant-based products go further … saving you even more money!!! Ditching the chemicals and switching to safer products is an investment in your and your families’ health.  # STOP THE POISON!


For me, slow change was the best way - it wasn't too overwhelming. You work at consistency and then things then become a habit. Do not expect big results too soon. One step at a time. One day at a time.


I can help you with all of this. 


I have developed a signature protocol to show how you can make lasting change.   It’s a 12-week protocol that is supportive, encouraging, enlightening and transformative.  Your life will not be the same if you invest in this life-changing program.



In the meantime, I’ll be offering workshops and online events that you can join in. Have some fun making change! Make a new friend! I’m on your side and want to help you achieve the results you need. It will set you up for LIFE! Start living again with ... Move to Wellness. 


One step at a time ….

Margaret Diefenbach

Accredited Exercise Phsyiologist

BAppSci – HMS; MScSt – Ex Man

Beat It Facilitator, Move Well with Women Facilitator,        Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Change Coach.

Founder of the Move Well Live Well Protocol


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